eSign Feature Summary

This reference table highlights the features and capabilities of the eSign Electronic Signatures for Jira. (See the full User Guide for more information.

Signature Execution

  • Execute Signatures for multiple users on any issue in Jira.

  • Designed to meet FDA CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic records and signatures (See )

  • Multi-factor authentication with personal Signature Pins in addition to Jira Cloud security.

  • Personal Signature Pins are persistent and reusable to optimize usability. No waiting for a OTP (one time password) to be emailed every time a user needs to sign something.

  • Bulk Signature Executions (sign multiple issues with a single operation) New 2021

Signature Manifestations

  • Capture User Name, Date/Time and Meaning of each Signature.

  • Signatures reflect and capture local Time zone of executors.

  • Capture checksum of issue content at time of signature.

  • Capture of Titles. User Titles saved for reuse and usability.

  • Configurable list of meanings by Project.

Signature Integrity

  • Signatures verified against issue contents provides detection if the issue has changed since each signature was captured.

  • Generate a verification certificate for any signed issue.

  • Bulk verification certificate generation supported. Print/Save to PDF.

  • Comprehensive audit trail of signature activity including voided signatures.

Security and Infrastructure

Signature Invites and Management

  • Invite Users and/or Groups to Sign issues with email notifications.

  • Invite each User for specific meaning (e.g. Author, Approver vs Reviewer)

  • Search and View issues with outstanding Signatures

  • Finalize Signatures on issues where signatures are complete. New 2021

  • Bulk Signature Invites; invite users to sign multiple issues with one request New 2021

eSign Configuration

  • Configure statuses and users that are allowed to sign.

  • Configure allowable meanings at the project level.

  • Signature administration functions restricted to project administrators.

  • Enable PDF Archiving per project

Issue Workflow Integration

  • Users can approve the same issue in multiple statuses with separate independent signatures.

  • Includes workflow validator to control transitions. Restrict by number of signatures, pending signatures, current user

  • Finalize post function to close Signatures and generate a PDF Signature Archive. New 2021

  • Additional post functions to reopen or reset signatures on transition.

  • Possible to execute signatures on read-only issues through advanced security option.

Data Import and Migration
New 2021

  • Bulk import signatures into Jira Cloud issues from flexible flat file formats.

  • Migrate signatures from on premise Jira Server systems and other third party systems.

Data Export and Integration

  • Integrated PDF Signature Archives New 2021

  • Extended custom fields with signature count, signees list, and full signatures list available to include on Jira issue screens, JQL search and exports.

  • JQL indexed search to identify pending (invited) signatures.

Atlassian Jira Mobile
New 2021

  • Support native Jira Mobile Cloud Apps on iOS and Android

  • View and Execute Signatures anywhere from a tablet/smartphone

Atlassian Confluence
New 2021

Atlassian Service Management

  • Service Management Portal allows signatures to be captured for unlimited public customer accounts.